On the occasion of our silver jubilee year, we are proud to launch our new service IDÉES FORTES™ content solutions. It is a French word meaning A Powerful Idea in English. We Align your thoughts with our ideas.

The idea behind this initiative is to provide content solutions to our clients in every possible form of communication - Written, Spoken and Visual.

We develop the content in each of the above forms, for you as per your needs and requirements. Bringing together knowledge and experience from all these areas, a perfectly shaped product is delivered.

Services we offer are :

Resume Writing

First impression is the last impression.

And for a job opportunity, your RESUME serves this purpose. So, is it not important that your resume creates the perfect impression for you to get shortlisted for an interview call?
Has this question ever popped-up your mind? If yes, then this is where we come into the picture.
We customize your resumes as per the needs and screening-eyes of employers by bringing out the best in you. Our executives are in regular discussions with you while creating your resume. And throughout the process, we get your feedback on the work-in-progress, until you are satisfied.


Apart from the traditional resume, you can also get creative by way our Visual Resume services. It will highlight every important aspect of you, right from education to your professional achievements by using suitable visuals and also placing every aspect so as to attract the viewer's attention.

To get more information about the process and fees, write to us at [email protected]

Training and Development

"Tell them and they forget, teach them and they may remember, involve them and they learn" - Benjamin Franklin

Under this division of IDÉES FORTES™ , our objective is to improve the employability of the students and harness their potential within. We aim at doing so, by preparing them for the dynamic corporate world and update them with practical knowledge about the industry.

We customize the content of our training programs as per the training needs and objectives of educational institutes. Apart from a bouquet of topics that we can offer, we can also arrange for specific modules for you. Backed by so many years of experience and a wide range of quality trainers from the industry with innovative training techniques, we are your choice for training needs.

We can also arrange for expert visiting faculties and guest lecturers under this initiative.

To get more information and to discuss in detail, write to us at [email protected]

Graphic Designing

"We strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things."
- Lindon Leader


We specialize in Graphic designing services as below:

- Branding and unique identity creation package (logo designing, business cards and stationery material )
- Posters, flyers
- Pamphlets, Brochures
- 3D modeling
- Typography

To get more information and to discuss in detail, write to us at [email protected]

Audio Visuals

An audio visual is an excellent and most effective way of communication. We excel in providing end-to-end solutions for developing an audio-visual for our clients.

Our audio-visual services include:

- Editing
- Informative videos
- Corporate Showreels
- Typography
- Describing Models
- Infographics

To get more information and to discuss in detail, write to us at [email protected]


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